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Learning at Manfred
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Manfred Auto Academy?

There is no better way to learn Automotive Course than to be immersed in an Automotive Working environment. We at Manfred are excited to offer opportunities to students to do on-hand training in recognized and approvable Service Centre where they will learn about culture, skills, and automotive latest technology. We believe that the benefits of on-hand training are immeasurable; it gives students culture learning opportunities and helps them build leadership skills. Students will be ensuring their knowledge through assessment given by their Manager and might be recruit by the specific service center as well.

Manfred also is the only one Automotive Academy provides Dual Course, Dual Certificates, whereby you will be entitle Malaysia and UK’s certificate upon graduate.

2. How much is the course and how is the payment made?

We would strongly encourage parents or interested students to visit Manfred Auto Academy before asking for price the value of your investment is surely more than what you can imagine! At Manfred Auto Academy, you are entitling for 0% installment plan or through credit card easy payment scheme. Of course, one shot payment will get better rewards instead of installment plan.

3. What is my future education pathway?

You can further study to Higher Education (Universities/Colleges) that Manfred Auto Academy collaborates with after Diploma. If you would like to enroll to Universities which you preferred, you can inform us so that we can make arrangement for you provided the course you choose are related that what you had learned in Manfred Auto Academy.