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Learning at Manfred
At Manfred, you can turn your passion into a profession through our exciting career training programs. We want to get to know you, understand your aspirations, and partner with you as you work toward your career goals. Inspiring your ambitions — that’s the Manfred Difference.


Manfred is breakthrough and creation, teaching and learning,

sharing and encouraging, for the intellectual personal growth.

Manfred lecturers are outstanding scholars whose love of teaching illuminates a classroom. We respect students for their intellect, and what they can bring to the classroom experience.

You can see it in the breadth and depth of academic programs, practical opportunities, and internship experiences—where it emphasis encourages broader learning and more creative insight into problems, allowing a student to deepen their understanding of the world and of themselves.

Graduates are encouraged to come here to teach, to learn, to discover, and to grow.

If you join us, you become part of our shared enterprise that extends far beyond the academy and the times in which we live.