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Moving for Excellence
Manfred Auto Academy will actively carry out the construction of "Innovative Training Programs", to guide students to engage in scientific and technological innovation.


Manfred Auto Academy’s mission: To provide the most creative and innovative learning platform to our students who will make a difference in the world.

Smart, serious people choose Manfred because it offers one of the best vocational educations—and total learning environments. Student leave as “Manfred’S students”, graduate with more than a highly regarded degree, fully prepared to make meaningful personal and professional contributions to the “real world”.

The world’s preeminent vocational academy for everyone, Manfred is known for its earnest, the importance of service and manner, and its cultivation in students of an inclusive, pragmatic approach to leadership.

Manfred Believes In...


Everyone can make a meaningful contribution to their world. School leavers, unemployed, automotive lovers can always make changes in their life by choosing in the right learning path and move to future you choose to be.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Creative Thinking

Exploring, imagining and never look for only “one” answer. Manfred challenges students to explore widely, and make the creative leaps that lead to new levels of understanding. A culture of collaboration refines a student’s intellectual habits, not judging ideas early in the process increases his self-confidence, and think of many possible way in problem solving. With this, it will enhance student’s problem solving skills and learning what has not worked as well as what did.

Pragmatic Leadership

A contemporary vocational education must enhance real-world leadership skills. The rigor of a Manfred education is to makes our graduates so effective “out in the world.” But Manfred students are also taught to be strategic thinkers who can “read” environments, navigate their challenges, and bring people together to achieve a goal.


Knowing how to serve is a key element of effective leadership. True leaders inspire rather than control, and they dedicate their intellect and energy to the hard work of creating a sense of commitment, responsibility, and common purpose in the pursuit of a vision.